Adventure is a very bouncy track, with plenty of percussive instruments backing up the orchestra. It features a cheeky 'borrowed chord' section before returning to the main theme.

Suggested uses: Children's platform games, apps, cartoon/animated visuals.


Light Hearted Horror is as the title describes. It is an orchestra-led piece featuring big percussion and a large choral part. The 'light hearted' element comes from the pizzicato strings throughout, providing a sense of playfulness amongst the minor tonality.

Suggested uses: Animated horror, drama, character lead apps/platformers.


Dance O' Death is a very dramatic piece, written to conjure up the image of an old cathedral thanks to the heavy use of church organ throughout. It also features era specific harmonic devices, with Baroque-inspired melodies in the right hand part on the organ.

Suggested uses: TV horror, action horror games, creepy cartoons, gothic themed apps/games.